By D M Gray

For many people dieting just does not work and in many cases a dieter can end up worse off than before they started. One of the most common problems plaguing many people desperately trying to lose weight is what is often termed ‘yo-yo dieting’ and it is why most people can never lose weight long-term.

The first issue arises during the diet when the body starts to panic. Assuming the dieter is suffering from starvation, the body goes into survival mode and starts to slow down the metabolism. This means that it burns less calories and weight loss will slow to a grinding halt.

The second problem occurs when a person successfully reaches their target weight and decides there really is no need to diet anymore. Having been starved of fat, carbohydrates and nutrients during the diet, the body – still in survival mode – assumes it is still being denied its fuel source. Once the person starts consuming more food, the body attempts to replenish its stores – especially carbohydrates and fat.

This leads to a rapid gain in weight and the dieter ends up heavier than before they started the diet – so they quickly jump on the diet bandwagon again. Unable to see where they are going wrong, they become trapped within this vicious circle of weight loss and weight gain. This yo-yo dieting problem of losing weight, only to then gain more weight, is a regular problem with dieting and can even be damaging to natural body balance and overall health.